Reward for NFP week,Redeem bonus up to 100%

Date:28 November 2022 - 2 December 2022

Eligible:First time deposit

Sign up & claim Bonus
Deposit >$250100% Credit Bonus
Terms & Conditions
  1. This event is limited to all GCMASIA new clients only,the event rewards can only be redeemed upon successful account verification and deposit during the event period; each customer(same ID)can only enjoy the promotion once,the same new customer cannot participate in this event twice.
  2. Valid due date: 28 November 2022 until 2 December 2022; deposit is required to be completed before 23:59pm, 4 December 2022, 23:59pm in order to redeem the respective campaign reward.
  3. Bonus Reward is strictly for FSC&NBRB Account only; completion of 10% out of total bonus transaction is required to withdraw the bonus (example: for 50USD bonus rewarded, 50*10%=5 lots of trades to meet the requirement of bonus withdrawal; for 100USD bonus rewarded, 100*10%=10 lots of trades to meet the requirement of bonus withdrawal; etc.).
  4. Please confirm that the contact number and email are valid, our staff will notify regarding the bonus reward via phone calls or email; to protect the reward recipient’s privacy, personal data will not be disclosed in any website or social media without written agreement.
  5. Upon the day of deposit, bonus credit reward will be transferred into MT4 account in 3 working days.
  6. Employees and partners of GCMASIA are prohibited from participating in this event.
  7. GCMASIA reserves the rights to modify, suspend or terminate this promotion at any time, and reserves the rights to the final interpretation of any applicable rules and regulations.